Paragliding from Mount Hatis

Paragliding from Mt. Hatis

Mount Hatis is one of the first spots for paragliding in Armenia. It’s an extinct volcano in Kotayk region. The height is 2528m. It is cone-shaped, the slopes are with sharp ravines. 


The take off site is 1 and half hour away from Yerevan. It is very nice to fly in Hatis as there are many thermals that give us the opportunity to climb high and efficient. Depending on the weather and the preference of the passenger, we can climb higher than 2300 meters, perform some acrobatic maneuvers and enjoy the thrill of the flight.

Paragliding from Mount Hatis

Paragliding from Mt. Hatis

There is no need for a special training to join a tandem paragliding flight as the passenger is flying with a professional instructor. The instructors do a short briefing before the flight to make sure the passenger knows everything needed. 

The flying day is arranged based on the weather. It is possible to precisely know the weather forecast max 2-3 days prior to the day.

Tour details:

  • Location – Kotayk Province
  • Coordinates – 40.294048° 44.697437°
  • Altitude – h = 1890m
  • Flying season –  April– June.
  • Duration of the flight – from 10-25 minutes (depending on the weather and the preference of the passenger)


Paragliding group flights are available for 48 000 AMD per person.

The price includes:

  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Photo and video shooting

For booking as well as for all questions, please contact us.

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