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Your heart’s in the highlands? So is ours.

We are “Armenian Geographic” – we climb mountains, hike the trails, explore the mysteries of ancient monuments, discover canyons, ascend medieval fortresses and descend deep gorges. We chase the freedom which can be felt at the peaks of the mountains only, breathe in the fresh mountainous air which is free from the dust of the cities, and watch the sunsets with the last glitters of sun and the sky on the valleys.

We, at Armenian Geographic, discover the beauties of Armenia and make you the part of it. We help you to uncover Armenia from a new angle, we bring to the light the hidden or forgotten pearls of Armenian Highland. The multi day hiking and trekking tours that we offer are the best opportunity for hiking lovers. Join our team and let’s wander in Armenia together, because “Not all who wander are lost” (J.R.R Tolkien). Sometimes the ones wandering on the roads are the ones who obtain the most.

Smbataberd fortress
Climbing Mount Aragats
Climbing Volcano Azhdahak
climbing Aragats and Azhdahak mountains
Climbing Mount Kazbek
Climbing Mount Ararat
Angels' Canyon
Mount Katar
Kids camp
Chess in the mountains of Armenia
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