Azat Reservoir

Azat Reservoir

Azat reservoir is a reservoir in Armenia, which is located in Ararat region, at an altitude of 1050 meters above sea level. It was built near the Lanjazat village, on the Azat River. The reservoir is used for irrigation of the Ararat valley, where the irrigated agriculture is developed. The Azat reservoir has been put into operation since 1976. Its volume is 70 million cubic meters.

The territory of the reservoir is very beautiful. The sky and clouds are reflected in the water and, depending on the time of day, they give the reservoir a unique look. The Yeranos Mountains rise around the reservoir.

Not far from the Azat reservoir are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Armenia.

Yeranos Mountains

Yeranos Mountains, Azat Reservoir

Azat River

The Azat River, on which the reservoir is built, begins on the southwestern slope of Mount Spitakasar in the Geghama Mountains. Azat is a left tributary of the Araks River. The length of the Azat River is 55 km. On the right bank is Garni village. In the gorge of the Goght River, which is the right tributary of the Azat River, there is one of the most famous monastic complexes in Armenia – Geghard. This monastery and the upper reaches of the Azat River are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Symphony of Stones

Not far from the village of Garni there is the gorge of the Azat River, which is also called the Garni Gorge. It is famous for its natural monument called “Symphony of Stones”. These are big pentagonal and hexagonal columns, which look like a huge musical instrument – organ. This is where the name “Symphony of Stones” comes from. At first glance, they may seem man-made, but these columns were actually created by nature itself as a result of the collapse of the volcanic rocks. They have a scientific name – columnar jointing.

Khosrov reserve - specially protected areas of Armenia

Symphony of Stones

All these places are located very close to each other and are must-see, because they are an important part of the history and culture of Armenia. They are also located not far from the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. There are several options to visit these places.

Trip to Azat Gorge

The Azat reservoir and gorge are a convenient and interesting destination for cycling. If you are an experienced cyclist, then you will definitely enjoy this option. You will ride through rocky obstacles, interesting route and beautiful landscapes.

You can also go on a small hike in this area. You can visit the famous Geghard Monastery, Garni Temple, and then walk down to the Azat Gorge and see the “Symphony of stones” with your own eyes.

Another great option would be paddleboarding, which is rapidly gaining popularity in Armenia. The Azat reservoir is a very convenient and beautiful place for SUP boarding.

Сапсёрфинг на Азатском водохранилище

Paddleboarding on Azat Reservoir

You need to be prepared for the weather conditions that may await you in the Azat reservoir. Since there is almost no vegetation and trees in the territory of the reservoir, there will be nowhere to hide from the sun in hot weather. Therefore, take a small tent with you when going there. Do not forget to apply sunscreen. There are also no sources of drinking water in the territory of the reservoir, so be sure to bring enough water with you. If you want to spend some time by the reservoir, do it away from the shore, as the ground close to the shore is soft and muddy, even in dry weather. And of course, leave no trace behind.

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